Help Us Save Our Public Waters!

Have you noticed a decline in sport fish numbers in your lakes?

The number one cause in a drastic decline in numbers of bass, crappie, walleye and other native sport fish is directly attributed to invasive species which destroy their natural habitat!

The BAA and its members are continually on the front line fighting to remove these invasive species. While some may think we are out there just for the fun of it we are also cleaning up the waters and keeping the overpopulated carp and other rough fish from destroying what habitat is left and much needed for our native sport fish to breed!

Tournaments like the US Open, Muzzy Classic and BAA Worlds take tons of invasive rough fish from our waters in a matter of a weekend. The thousands of bowfishers across this country take tons of rough fish out on a regular basis all year long. Those are impressive numbers coming from a small portion of this countries outdoorsmen. Just imagine if the numbers of bowfishermen/women were to double, or better yet triple.

Organizations like the BAA and Bowfishing TV are dedicated to bringing more awareness to the sport and getting our youth involved to sustain the efforts we are putting forth daily!

To be continued……………

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